Saturday, September 27, 2008

You say cracker, I say pita!

This month was a first for me - the Daring Baker's recipe for September was one I had already baked previously. Unfortunately, it was one that I wasn't particularly impressed with the results. A few months ago I had a hankering for lavash crackers and turned to bread baking guru Peter Reinhart in great anticipation of a cracker that surpassed store quality and didn't break the bank. However, the crackers ended up more chewy than crispy and none of my toppings stayed on the cracker when cut.
So while I was excited to try a vegan recipe this month from Shel (Musings from the fishbowl) and Natalie (Gluten a-go-go), I can't say that the recipe was one I was expecting much from. But the good thing though with having a private DB discussion board is that I got to learn from others' experiences and found out that many had rolled the dough thicker and turned the crackers into pita. What a great idea and I had a much better result. The kids asked to take it to school for lunch for 3 days running!
To complement the pita I made my standby bruschetta dip with the end of season tomatos and basil. Throwing in some green onions, garlic, olive oil and balsamic vinegar makes for a quick and tasty topping for just about anything.

I know I say it every month, but what a great challenge! And thanks to Shelly for her usual great pics.